Monday, August 17, 2009

postheadericon I Dream...

I dream…

I wake up in a room,
Lit only by the shine of a moon.
A room cold and bare,
As if no one had seen to its care.

I dream…

I walk to the door
My shoeless feet tiptoeing across the floor.
There is the door knob – do I dare?
The door glides open, but no one is there.

I dream…

I step over the threshold
And I’m no longer cold.
Not looking back, I step forward.
Not knowing what I am headed toward.

I dream…

I am walking on a narrow path.
No sign of anyone who had been there last.
There are no shapes or shadows in sight.
Only a clear, but starless night.

I dream…

I stumble and fall
But I stand back up, straight and tall.
Ahead, a fork in the road, I see.
Barely visible in the dawn, a choice for me.

I dream…

I sit, I watch, and I wait.
My future is ahead, but I don’t want to be late.
The wrong path chosen, dissolves my hopes.
Choosing the right path, releases my yoke.

I dream…

My decision is made.
The path I choose no longer fades.
The horizon, my eyes seek,
Searching for the mountain peak.

I dream…

I am gliding along the path I’ve chosen.
Time no longer seems to be frozen.
My heart beats steady and true.
Colors begin to shift in brilliant hues.

I dream…

I see the path widening ahead,
And a voice in my heart said
“You have chosen well, my child, continue on
And you will never be alone.”

I dream…

Of walking the miles of life,
Less the burden of stress and strife.
Knowing the joy in my heart
Will never again depart.

© 7/28/09 Karen ~Georgia Angel

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