Thursday, August 20, 2009

postheadericon Puzzle of Life

Our lives are like puzzles.

Pieces fitting together perfecly.

Creating a rich tapestry of color.

Blending all to create a samless pattern.

Each puzzle piece represents a portion of our life. The 4 corner pieces are family, children, marriage and God. The end pieces in between are for our hopes and dreams creating the bond that holds together the corners and building the foundation to connect to the other pieces inside our world.

Our church family is holding the center together, providing fellowship, comfort and support.

Other pieces branch out into our community, volunteering or socializing, helping others fit into their puzzles.

In another direction, we piece together the education of our children -- teaching them academics, morality and ethics, and guiding them spiritually. Teaching them how to build and bond their own puzzles of life.

Even further around is our extended family -- parents and siblings, aunts and uncles, and cousins. We are caregivers to them all in one form or another, and we connect just like the puzzle pieces.

Some pieces share the history of our life, that part of us that made us who we are.

Other pieces spread throughout are the strangers that we meet, people passing through, maybe someone searching for the pieces of their puzzle.

We are constantly searching for new pieces that fit -- maybe connecting with our online buddies, or long lost friends.

Always sharing the pieces of our lives with another, proving Gods will intertwines his love for us each day.

On a daily basis, God guides our hands, searching for the pieces that fit, slipping them together and smoothing out the bumps and bulges making sure the pieces lay flat and snug.

One day, we will look at the completed picture and God will be standing by our side. The picture will be perfect and we will know we have arrived through God's will, guiding us so that in the end, we can see the complete tapestry of our life in all its glory, strongly holding together.

Take each new day, or each new event, or a new friend, and share the bonding of your puzzle with them.

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~Sandy~ said...

Great post!!!! I used a similar one but mine was "Life is like a patchwork quilt". Thanks for sharing!!! You are so right. It takes all these pieces to come together to make the full picture:)

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